Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday, April 17th

State of Play - 3 stars

I really liked this movie. Its smart and you have to pay attention, but its not as ridiculously complicated as, say, Duplicity. I'm always happy to see Ben Affleck in a movie. Seriously. I know a lot of people give him crap, but I enjoy him as an actor, and now that he is actually reading the script before signing on to a movie, his movies are generally good.

I really liked the stuff about old fashioned print journalism vs. online bloggers. The sequence over the end credits is almost like a love letter to newspapers.

17 Again - 3 stars

I really thought this movie would suck. And during the first 15 minutes, I wanted to walk out. But as soon as Matthew Perry becomes Zac Effron, the movie comes alive. The fight between him and Thomas Lennon is hilarious (especially the lightsaber duel!). Even though the story is corny and cliched, it was funny enough that I looked past its flaws. I think I would even see this again. Oh, and its clean and good fun for the entire family. I think it should have been rated PG.

Crank: High Voltage - not screened for critics
Phoebe in Wonderland - didn't see
Secret of the Grain - didn't see

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