Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Watch - 2 stars

Ben Stiller stars as the manager of a Costco.  When his security guard is murdered and the police aren't doing enough to solve the crime, he puts together a neighborhood watch.  He only gets a few guys, including Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade.  Together they don't do much.  Their idea of investigating is to stake out the Costco in case the killer shows up again.

Halfway through the movie, they discover that aliens are invading.  At this point the movie changes from a bad comedy to a bad sci-fi movie.  I think the studio really wanted this movie to be Ghostbusters, combining comedy with good science fiction and action.  They failed completely. 

I didn't laugh much.  Vince Vaughn's routine seems tired in this movie.  He didn't make me laugh once, and he really seemed to be trying.  There is a great extra on the DVD for The Break-Up.  It shows Vaughn and Jon Favreau improvising a scene, and we see how much of their improv doesn't work before they get to the funny stuff.  I have to wonder if the director of The Watch just used the bad stuff, or if he didn't give Vaughn enough time to find the funny.

The alien stuff doesn't work any better than the comedy does.  There isn't enough time spent on it to make me care, and the final battle with the aliens bored me.  I just wanted the movie to end at that point. 

Don't waste your time seeing The Watch.

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