Friday, August 16, 2013

2 Guns - 3 stars

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are a couple of bank robbers / drug smugglers.  As the movie begins, they are casing a bank and planning to rob it.  The reason is they believe a drug lord keeps $3 million in a safe deposit box, and they want to take it from him.  When they rob the bank, instead of $3 million, they find $43 million in the vault, which they take anyway.  Then they try to double cross each other.

It turns out each one is working undercover, but the other doesn't know it.  Denzel Washington is an undercover DEA agent, and Wahlberg is a Naval Intelligence Officer.  Even once they find out the truth about the other, they still hate each other.  But then they are forced to work together when it turns out the money they stole belongs to some kind of CIA slush fund, and they are both being hunted by a ruthless CIA black ops operative (Bill Paxton). 

The movie is very convoluted, but it's still a lot of fun.  It's a very forgettable action movie, but the two stars elevate it with their star power.  The main thing that makes this enjoyable is they have good chemistry together.  I enjoyed the movie and I was able to go along with the ridiculous plot twists, even though they got hard to follow.  I'm still not quite sure what Wahlberg's commanding officer (James Marsden) was up to.  This is one of those fun, dumb action movies that doesn't hold up if you think about it too much, but if you can go along with it it's not a bad time at the movies.

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