Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sundance Review: E-Team - 3 stars

This is a documentary about people who work for Human Rights Watch, specifically members of the Emergencies Team.  These are the people who risk their lives and go into places like Syria and Libya so they can document crimes against humanity.

These people are incredibly courageous.  Sometimes they have to sneak into the country at night watching for guards who would probably shoot them on sight.  Once in the country, they have to keep a low profile so they aren't discovered.  Some of the screen time is devoted to their investigation in Syria.  They interview a number of people who had family members killed by the regime, sometimes within hours of their arrival. 

There is also coverage of the Serbian genocide, and we see how instrumental Human Rights Watch was in putting Milosevic on trial at the International Criminal Court.  We also see them doing a press conference in Moscow, trying to get Russia to stop supporting the regime in Syria.  At the press conference, they have to deal with reporters who accuse them of spreading propaganda. 

There is also footage of them in Libya, dealing with the revolution there and the death of Gaddafi.  We see them trying to convince the victorious rebels that they aren't justified in taking revenge as that will only prolong the violence.

It's amazing to see these people risk their lives in order to get the truth to the world.  The movie was very informative and it makes me feel like I can never complain about my job again.

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