Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oculus - 3 1/2 stars

This is a movie about a haunted mirror that possesses people and makes them kill.  Seriously.

When Kaylie and Tim were kids, their father purchased an antique mirror and hung it in his study.  Gradually, their parents went insane and bad stuff happened.  Eleven years later, Tim is being released from a mental hospital.  He is greeted by Kaylie who reminds him that he made a promise to help her destroy the mirror when they found it again.  Well, she has found it, and tonight's the night.

The premise sounds kind of ridiculous, but the movie is an incredibly effective horror movie.  One thing I really liked about it was the way it connected the events of the past with the events of the present and told both stories simultaneously.  We don't learn what happened to them as kids until near the end of the movie, and by that point they are hallucinating so much that we aren't sure whether we are watching a flashback, or whether the characters are seeing themselves as kids. 

There's really nothing more I can say about the movie without spoiling the surprises.  There seems to be another possession movie or Paranormal Activity knock off every few months.  This movie puts them all to shame.  If you like horror movies, go see it. 

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