Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels & Demons - 2 stars

Didn't like it much. It really didn't need to be over 2 hours long. It should have been about an hour forty-five.

The plot is pretty simple. There is a bomb planted somewhere in the Vatican. Its going to go off at midnight, but like all movie villains do, the villains have given the good guys plenty of warning. I guess they want to make sure that everyone can evacuate the Vatican, so all the bomb will do is destroy the buildings and stuff. Leading up the bomb going off at midnight, 4 cardinals have been kidnapped and one will be killed every hour. They needed to add this little plot detail because otherwise the movie would be boring as hell. At least we know every hour we will get to see some gruesome death.

Speaking of gruesome deaths, this really should have been rated R. We see a couple of people burned to death, screaming the whole time. We see people branded. There is a bit of blood and gore in this movie. But of course the movie still gets a PG-13 because there is no nudity. Horrific, gruesome deaths, but thank god we don't see a nipple!

The movie is full of nonsense gibberish. Every time Robert Langdon figures something out, the music lets us know. We get the 'a-ha' music cue, which is helpful because otherwise what he is saying wouldn't mean anything to us. At least the clues in The Da Vinci Code were interesting. Not so much in this movie.

I really don't have much to say about this movie. I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't see it again. I really can't recommend it.

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