Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday at Sundance

I did not make it up to Park City on Tuesday due to the snow. I got about halfway up Parley's Canyon before deciding to turn around and head for home. The roads were so bad that I couldn't go more than 30 mph up the canyon.

On Wednesday I started off with Lord Byron. I only made it 45 minutes in before I had to walk out. It was just horrible. The worst thing I had seen at Sundance up to that point. There was no story, one scene had nothing to do with the previous scene, and it seemed like there was no script. It was probably improvised, and the actors were not good enough improvisers to pull it off.

Next movie was Granito, a documentary about the 1982 genocide in Guatemala. It's heart was in the right place, but it managed to make the subject pretty dull. The filmmaker kept making it more about her than about the subject or the victims. It was also a bit scattered. A good editor may have been able to make a more coherent and effective movie out of it.

Next up was The Flaw, a documentary about the financial collapse of 1998. Rather than assigning blame, it explored the housing bubble and it compared the collapse to the crash of 1929, showing how many similarities there were. This movie is no where near as good as Inside Job or Capitalism: A Love Story.

Next up I saw a movie called Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same - craziest title ever! Three lesbian aliens come to Earth to save their planet. It was unique and funny. The movie was in black and white and had some really cheap special effects, like something from an Ed Wood movie. But that added to the charm. Not an essential movie to see, but a pleasant diversion.

The last movie I saw was The Oregonian. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. There is no plot. A girl was just in a car crash. She gets out of the car, covered with blood, and starts walking through the woods. I will not try to explain what happens after that. I think she is either having a nightmare or she is dead and in hell. Because she starts having strange encounters that make no sense. The movie is not exactly a horror movie, but it is scary and unsettling. It's like an experimental student film.

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