Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sundance - Monday

On Monday I managed to see two movies and get one interview in. The rest of the day was spent packing for the big move.

The first movie was The Fan starring Patton Oswalt. He plays the world's biggest New York Giants fan. Before and after every game, he calls his favorite sports talk radio show to give his opinions. He spends hours writing down exactly what he wants to say. He is obsessed with Quantrell Bishop, the Giants' quarterback. One night, he and his friend spot Quantrell, stalk him for a while, approach him, and things get ugly. The movie has some really funny parts, but it really dragged in a lot of other places. I really can't recommend the movie.

My second movie was much better. Good Hair is a documentary by Chris Rock. In the movie, Rock investigates African American hair culture. I had no idea how much time and money some African American women put into their hair. Rock interviews celebrities, hair care experts, and even travels to India where Indians donate the hair that is shipped to Beverly Hills and made into weaves. The movie was very funny. I liked it a lot.

I was also able to score a brief interview with John Krasinski (The Office) at the premier of his movie Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will try to see it today or tomorrow. Kraskinski was every bit as friendly as Jim Halpert, his character on The Office. Before hitting the press line, I saw him talking to fans and signing autographs. He is very gracious to his fans.

That was all for Monday. All day Tuesday was spent moving into my new house. I am about to head to Park City for another day of movies.

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