Thursday, February 12, 2009

The International - 3 stars

I went into this with low expectations. For some reason, the trailer didn't look very good to me. I saw it several times in theaters, and I got sick of it. So I was happily surprised that the movie was good.

Clive Owen is an Interpol agent going after an international bank. The bank is in the middle of an arms dealing ring, and they kill anyone who gets in their way. There is a cool shootout that seems to come out of nowhere and takes place inside the Guggenheim Museum. There is a lot of very good acting, especially by the great Armin Mueller-Stahl (Eastern Promises). He plays a character named Wilhelm. When I heard his name, I was hoping that he was named that as a joke by the screenwriter. Unfortunately, we never get to hear him scream ...

The ending is a little confusing. It doesn't wrap up everything the way most action movies do. Its kind of ambiguous. But the movie is very good.

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